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Our benchmark for perfect light is sunlight. At home or in


the work environment: Arcmooi's exceptional quality of


light provides the right light for every situation.

Individuality requires free space.A perfectly calibrated interplay of light and dark,


of diffuse and focused, of direct and indirect light gives character to rooms.


And because the requirements for light can change depending on the situation,


Arcmooi's modular luminaire systems offer outstanding freedom of design - 


always in keeping with the highest quality of light and a holistic design concept.


live your



enjoy beauty

At Arcmooi,beauty and quality are visible in the design of the luminaires


as well as in workmanship,surface finishes - and intuitive functions.


The passionate commitment to aesthetics,attention to detail and a


holistic way of thinking perfectly accentuate the harmony of the interior


design,in terms of both - look and function.


We are Arcmooi


Professional design team, according to the building structure, indoor environment, combined with customer needs for customized personalized design.


An important feature in Arcmooi Light’s creative process is the use of state of the art development techniques. The intensive use of 3D printing, early stage FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect analysis), goniophotometry and in-house supervised manufacturer testing (SMT) result in a fast, efficient and first time right development process. As such, an essential attribute in the company’s short idea-to-market philosophy.

Throughout the entire production process Arcmooi Light distinguishes itself by handling the strictest quality parameters, to ensure products and services are designed and produced to exceed customer requirements. Every step in the production process has a routine quality procedure, covering both product quality and testing. As such, each product that leaves Arcmooi Light, has been inspected and tested thoroughly, resulting in minimal returns and maximum efficiency.





Mandarin Hotel Tokyo

Mandarin Hotel Tokyo is a highly designed hotel in Tokyo. It is a modern luxury hotel with a large banquet hall, business negotiation, conference hall, accommodation, SPA, literary and artistic performances, entertainment area, etc. Among them, the lighting design adopts the mode of key lighting + linear lamp.

Arcmooi is a professional lighting brand which integrates the design, production and sale of lamps and lanterns. We explore the essence of light and create harmony between light and people.

Light creates, renders and gives life. Through light we perceive the landscape, architecture and the spaces we inhabit, stimulating our senses and perceptions.

Each of us possesses a unique identity, a personal point of view and a subjective way of perceiving reality.

Arcmooi aims to create solutions that adapt to the needs of people within diverse contexts. Our mission is to improve the relationships between people and their surroundings, their visual and emotional well being.

When designing spaces lighting becomes an integral element within the process in terms of the architecture, interior design and use. Through our lighting we want to help create the right atmosphere so that the experience of living every space is a fulfilled and unique one.